Sunday, August 05, 2007

Review: Anthony Bourdain's 'Kitchen Confidential'

Anthony Bourdain is an asshole. With that said, however, I enjoyed reading this book...or well most parts anyway. Bourdain takes you into the kitchen frenzy of New York's culinary scene.
His text ignited my inner desire to become a vegan chef and left me wanting to know more about great cuisine and go cook something vegan and delicious.
I think reading this book as vegan ensures a completely different perspective than that of non-vegans. Such a great concentration is placed on feasting upon the dead, french delicacies such as fois gras, veal, and amazing creatures from the sea (which is really quite saddening). These "delicacies" are tradition, passed down from generation to generation but a transition is definitely being made. Some are stiff about their food preferences but it's becoming quite trendy to eat more natural- delicious food that maybe raw and significantly contributes less to the warming of planet earth.
(This have went from review to rant/rave) I feel my English skills slipping away as a the summer passes. Thankfully I'll be continuing my English and writing skills this fall.