Saturday, November 24, 2007

Camp Food

As a pre-orientation to college, I participated in an environmental service project with 12 amazing people. We lived together for 9 days in the depths of a temperate rainforest, 9 miles in, camping along the Hoh River in Northern Washington state. In addition to the amazing people the trip involved some amazing trees, sunsets and food!

Towards the end of the trip we were left with an assortment of miscelaneous items: 6 tubes of pesto, one onion, a few peppers, lots of spices, tomato sauce, oil and bread in crumbles. The bread crumbs were lighly stir fried and spiced. Meanwhile, the onion and peppers were chopped and sauteed oil. The pesto and tomato sauce was added until hot and then served over the bread crumbs. MSR Dragonfly stoves were used as heating agents while rocks were used as cutting boards.

One of the planned meals was a Thai dish that was really quite simple but wonderful. Rice noodles were cooked and then stirfried in a lightly spiced curry sauce with cashews.