Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sushi Soiree

Sushi is one of those things that you never really get sick of, even if you use the same ingredients over and over and over again. I'm quite a fan of the traditional avocado, carrot and cucumber combo with a little tamari and powdered wasabi.
During this particular sushi extravaganza, not a cucumber was to be found and so we had to get a little creative. We added a number of new items and I do have to say if may now be difficult to go back to the old tradition.
We tested arugula, steamed sweet peas still in the pod, steamed shitake and portabello mushroom slices and sliced bok choy, all of which added an exciting touch to the sushi and were warmly welcomed by our taste buds.
Although brown rice is not traditionally used for sushi, I believe it is a healthier version and works quite well. I do not rinse or soak it before cooking and once its finished, I add a little sugar and rice vinegar.

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