Thursday, March 20, 2008

Taco Sandwich

Lately all I've felt like eating is Mexican food and grapefruits. A strange combination I know. I love going out for Mexican food but sometimes it's nice to make it yourself because everything can be just the way you like it.

Last weekend, in the midst of a strange mood, I made my first ever taco sandwich. It's probably one of the simplest delicacies in my world.
You start with two tostadas (I prefer home made) and layer beans, roasted vegetables letuce, rice, tomatoes, avocodo, cilantro and lots of salsa.

You can either it it like a sandwich or take your fork and make a violent dive into the center. I prefer the later.
I'm excited for summer and the fresh salsa ingredients it will bring. I think I'll just live on salsa all summer long. Peach Salsa.

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