Thursday, August 14, 2008

Peninsula Park

This post has nothing to do with food or even veganism but still concerns simple pleasures.

Yesterday I explored the Peninsula Park in North Portland. I'm falling in love with north and northeast Portland and have been wanting to visit Peninsula Park all summer.

Huge pines shade the park and wading pool. There are paved paths as well as many grassy areas for a good book or nap in the sun, basketball courts, an outdoor pool and large baseball field. I enjoyed the people watching (there's a lot of diversity) and the exquisite rose garden. The rose garden is maze-like and surrounds an energetic fountain.
To get to Peninsula Park, take Martin Luther King Junior Blvd north to Rosa Parks Way. Take a left and the park will be on your left. (Its just down the street from the max line and Interstate Ave.)

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Justin.Meier said...

The park, rose garden and community center have a pretty cool history. Check out here...