Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thanh Thao

It was approximately 9:30PM when we arrived at late night hot spot Dots Cafe, hoping to score quick cheap food before the Portland's underage scene shut down for the evening.
The sign at Dots states that they do not serve minors after 10:00 PM but they really should change the sign as they stop serving minors quite a bit earlier.
After realizing that we were not 21, the host refused to seat us and would not even allow us to sit outside.

Desperate, we departed hoping to find something to eat at Fred Meyer but ended up at Thanh Thao, a Vietnamese/Thai restaurant on Hawthorne. Even though we arrived at 10, the we were seated. They encouraged us to hurry but brought us Jasmine tea while we looked at the menu and seated another guy 5 minutes later.
The food was good like Thai food should be and was not lacking quality or flavor that one might expect when dining at close.

Sauteed tofu with vegetables in a yellow curry sauce

Vegetables and tofu sauteed in a brown garlic sauce

Thanh Thao 4005 SE Hawthorne

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