Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bambuza Vietnamese Bistro

Bambuza is located on the southwest waterfront and is somewhat new to Portland, a sister to Bambuza Seattle. Strategifally located located near the new OHSU/Apartment complexes, they won't have any trouble making good business. Neighbors, however may or may not be their best customers, as I can see people coming from afar to eat at the bistro. The atmosphere is inviting and the food is amazing (they have an assortment of vegan and vegetarian options).

We ordered two different types of vegetarian salad rolls:
gỏi cuốn dừa (coconut summer rolls) which were filled with sauteed tofu, basil, bean sprouts, rice noodles, and carrots double wrapped in lettuce and rice paper and gỏi cuốn chay (vegetarian salad rolls) which were filled with sauteed jicama, tofu, basil, coconut meat, carrot, and peanut, also double wrapped

phở chay (vegetarian pho and condiments): a large steaming bowl filled with soft fried tofu, fresh vegetables including broccoli, carrots and bok choy, rice noodles and mushrooms in a delicate but flavorful vegetarian stock

đậu hủ ướp – lemongrass tofu skewers

đậu que xào đậu hủ (green bean tofu) a wok specialty: crispy tofu sauteed with green beans in garlic black bean sauce

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