Monday, July 07, 2008

Eating well in the Wilderness

It is somewhat difficult to find camping ground so lightly traveled that one can find enough food (berries, herbs, roots and other gifts of the earth) on site to satisfy the appetite. Surely it is not absolutely necessary to eat while camping, as our bodies can go days without food, but it does make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.
And it is a good excuse to be creative with food, even in the wilderness, making sure the food is good and nourishing while being easy to carry in and prepare.

Oatmeal with banana chips or dried blueberries

Whole wheat pasta with a garlic-onion marinara sauce and fresh tomatoes

We also feasted on ciabatta filled with mustard, avocado, tomatoes, pepper, and baked tofu as well as cliff bars, and G.O.R.P. (though non-traditional as it contained candied dates, cashews and almonds in addition to the raisins and peanuts).

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