Friday, July 11, 2008

Tortilla Tutorial

I love piling fresh and spicy ingredients on a plate of homemade tortillas.
A tortilla press, as pictured below is not absolutely necessary (some Mayan women shape hundreds of tortillas daily with their hands) but a tortilla press is a neat yet simply gadget and pretty authentic.

I use corn flour but a person can really use any flour they want. Usually with wheat flour oil is used in the dough but all I add to the corn is flour and salt. There are guidelines on the bag but it is pretty easy to tell when the texture is right by working the dough with your hands.

After the dough has been prepared, break the dough into pieces of equal size, considerably small so that the dough is less likely to explode over the edges when pressed.

Cover the press in a sheet of plastic, I use old plastic bags, press the balls one at a time and place on a heated skillet.

The tortillas cook for about 60 seconds on both sides. They are pretty hard to burn unless you have your skillet crazy hot. Eventually they will harden and become chips.

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