Monday, July 07, 2008

Starter Adventures Continued...

Summer seems to have finally arrived resulting in extremely rapid starter growth and the warm weather has resulted in rapid starter growth. Thus I've had the obligation, or pleasure rather, to make make bread like crazy. My most recent creations include two loaves of multi grain and a pan of foccacia.


My starter was huge before I made this loaf so I used a ridiculously large amount of it in the recipe and less flour than the recipe called for. I really used it more as a general guide than an actual recipe. I tried the same recipe a little over a year ago and it turned out less than great, leaving me even more determined to create a good loaf of multigrain.

The Grains and Dough

The kneading process

The Final Product


Focaccia is one of my favorite types of bread to make because it is so versatile. I find that one can make it a bit faster than other yeast breads and it pairs so nicely with spaghetti!

I used fresh herbs from my garden: chives, rosemary and basil.

I didn't really use a recipe for this loaf either: just combined some salt, water, flour and oil with the herbs and starter.

Final product: It is important to remember to make holes or cuts so hot air can escape...I seem to forget this detail quite frequently when making focaccia.

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