Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vita Cafe

Located in Northeast Portland, Vita Cafe is becoming one of my favorite vegan friendly restaurants. The atmosphere is great, the food is delicious and the staff is quite friendly. Upon my most recent, I ate outside where picnic shaded by sun umbrellas tables offer outside dining to a plethora of customers. Conversations of nearby diners ranged from how fucked foie gras really is to a deep discussion about Obama's potential.
Vita's menu has quite a bit to offer for everyone including huge vegan cakes (which I have not yet tried but hope to soon).

The H.O.G. :homemade Herb and Onion bread topped with almond Gravy

Buffalo things: fried tofu covered in a spicy sauce with vegan ranch and veggies

Thai coconut soup and salad

Italian Pasta: Tuscan kale, veggie sausage, garlic, chili flakes and crushed tomatoes, sautéed in lemon and olive oil topped with toasted bread crumbs.
If one so desires, they can play boule outside while waiting for their food.

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